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why   political science?

While Politician should know the art of politics, a successful   Bureaucrat should know the science of politics.

Political Science enables the aspirant to achieve this by

offering the shortest route to Victory.


NAOMI KLEIN(1970-)Canadian Journalist;author and anti-globalisation 


First point to be factored in, is the scoring potential of the subject. After the onset of the new millennium,the subject contributed many top 5 rank holders,including Vijaya Lakshmi Bidari and Alok Ranjan Jha 

who secured first rank in this esteemed competition. Moreover, political science has been generating many toppers in the 

top 50 consistently over the years.

Above all, the second paper of the subject is very less time consuming , enabling you to study it in 15 days.With the help of   meticulously designed classroom packages,even a fresher could score very highly

in both the papers, thereby securing very good rank.


JOHN MEARSHEIMER(1947- )American Realist thinker;professor of political 

 science at Uniersity of Chicago; known for his

 pioneering book on offensive realism;proposed  

 neo-realist stability theory




political science helps you score very highly in General Studies paper. More than half of the general studies syllabus

 is directly related to political science.For instance,Indian polity portion fetches you more than 100 marks in G.S Paper II.
Likewise, General Studies II paper includes two sections,India and the World and
International Affairs which  bring you more than hundred marks.To sum up,half the paper of General Studies is over once you finish 

Political Science Course.



American feminist writer and activist;her  magnum    opus   Sexual Politics(1970) ushered in the era of radical feminism with    the Slogan,Personal is Political.

Essay is a paper in main examination which is of 200 marks.Every year,One Essay topic in the question paper is of


political science topic.For Instance,in 2008 paper,one topic was Patriotism and National Identity.Political Science classes enable students

to handle such topics with flair and secure very high marks of the range,130 plus.



HANNAH ARENDT(1906-1975)  

Highly influential German-Jewish political thinker and philosopher;works deal with the nature of power,and the subjects of politics, authority and totalitarianism. 
Fourthly, Political Science Classes from a good teacher help the student develop the faculty of critical thinking which enhances his personality.Also many questions pose by the board would be of political and constitutional in nature.


Demerits   of   political   science



Simone de Beauvoir(1908-1986)

Inspite of all its merits,political science doesnot remain a highly popular optional like public administration.This is primarily due to the scarcity


 of good institutes for   the preparation,as students are often misled by advertisements and false claims.With a committed teacher, political science

 is   more scoring than public administration and a score of 330+ comes very handy.






BETTY FRIEDAN(1921-2006)


American feminist activist and writer;mother of second wave